Corner Cafe

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Family Pack (1)

Pollo Cabana


Whole roast chicken grazed with creole spices,orange,lime,black pepper and garlic,carjun gravy,citrus slaw & sauteed potato

Pizza (4)

Periperi Chicken 8inch


Grilled periperi chicken, peppers,red onion,chilli flakes,basil,spices,cheese,tomato drizzled with periperi sauce.   
Vege Zapatta 8inch


Sweetcorn, mushroom, beetroot, peppers, tomato, olive, grilled eggplant, coriander pesto, mozzarella, cheddar & Zaatar spices
Meat Lovers 8inch


Hot & Spicy, request for mild Chicken tikka, bbq lamb sausage, smoked chicken sausage, grilled peppers, onion, olives, basil, drizzled with hot & spicy buffalo sauce & cheese
Hawaiian Chicken 8inch


BBQ chicken, pineapple, grilled peppers, tomato, onion, herbs, spices & cheese

Real Tasty Burgers (5)

Big Jacks Burger


Chicken or Beef patty, in Brioche bun, fried egg, cheese, scallop potato, bbq sauce, greens, tomato, onions & fries
Fishermans Burger


Crumb fried fish, in an original bun, chipotle mayo, tomato, greens, onions, tomato salsa & frie
Green Veg Burger


Grilled Vege patty, eggplant, tomato salsa & cheese in spinach bun & fries
Corner Cafe Club


Toasted brioche bun, with chicken bacon, bbq sauce, cheese, tomato, fried egg, onion rings, greens & fries
Vege Panini


Grilled bread stick, peppers, eggplant, onions, tomato, salsa & cheese & fries

Incredible Curries (3)

Local style Chicken Curry


Chicken in bone, cooked in tomato with Fiji masala, with curry leaves & mustard, served with rice, 2 roti’s & pickles
Kadhi Gosht


Bone in lamb, in Fiji Indian spice tossed in fresh tomato masala , flavored with ginger, & coriander, served with rice, 2 roti’s & pickles
Vegetable Jalfrezi


Mixed vegetables wok fried in a flavorsome tomato, cashew nut gravy with ginger, cumin , coriander & a twist of lime, served with rice, 2 roti’s & pickles

Incredible Bowls (1)

Haka Noodles Bowl


A bowl of homemade haka noodles, wok fried with Asian vegetables & our flavorsome spicy haka sauce with your choice of crumb fried meat or prawn

Sandwiches & Wraps (2)

Toasted fluffy white loaf


Cheese, tomato, lettuce & Fries V
Toasted fluffy white loaf


Chicken, cheese, tomato, lettuce & fries