The Rustic Table Restaurant

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Lets Get STARTERS (2)

Boom Boom Wings


Chicken wings marinated in sauce, double fried and coated in premium sweet and spicy sauce. 
Signature Golgappa shots


Puff balls stuffed with chaat, filled with homemade dipping, mint and tamarind shots , yoghurt saav and garnish. 


Tandoori Tofu Vegan Burger


Double fried tofu dipped and coated in premium tandoori sauce , pickle onions, grilled tomatoes, served with fresh hand cut chips, salsa and dip 
BBQ Fried Chicken Burger


Fried chicken tenders tossed in bbq sauce , lettuce, spicy slaw & cheese, served with fresh hand cut chips, salsa and dip. 

Signatures (2)

Chicken Poutine


Fried chicken tenders coated with premium homemade sauce of choice : Periperi or curry sauce, served with fresh handcut chips, topped with gravy, cheese & salsa 
Rustic Caribbean Jerk Chicken


Chicken leg quarter marinated and baked in chefs premium jerk sauce, served with a bed of coconut ginger infused rice, grilled corn on cob, plaintain & salsa 

Swap for a Sandwich (1)

Toasted Ciabatta Gravy Bread


Toasted ciabatta gravy bread, fresh lettuce, pickled red onion, cheese and meat of choice : Chimichurri steak or porchetta, served with fresh handcut chips, salsa and dip. 

Wanna WOK it up (2)

Afghani Butter Chicken


Chicken tenders marinated in spices and yoghurt, charred, cooked in clarified butter premium gravy sauce, served with steamed rice,garlic naan, fresh salad and papadum. 
Thai Basil Beef


Sliverside strip cuts marinated in premium basil sauce, sauteed local okra, jalapenos & onions, served with steamed rice , sunny side and crispy garlic. 

Surf No Turf (4)

Beer battered local fish


twice fried local white fish served with fresh handcut chips, fresh garden salad, premium caramelized onion tartare dip, mushy peas, fried plantain and lemon wedge. 
Bang Bang Shrimp Burrito


Local river shrimps, spicy lemon cilantro rice, fresh cucumber and red cabbage, premium bang bang sauce, served with fresh handcut chips, premium garlic aioli & salsa. 
Lobster and Prawn Fiesta


Fresh local slipper lobsters & fresh river prawns poached in premium dill garlic butter sauce, served with kumara chips, premium dip, fresh cucumber smashed salad & lemon wedge. 
Ratu's Sea Platter (On availability)


Premium jamaican spiced whole local white fish, fresh thai chilli fresh mussels, cajun rubbed sea crabs, coconut crusted vermicelli river prawns, poached slipper lobster, nama salad, kokoda,local fern (ota), miti, island fries, garden salad, kumquat chilli, dip & fresh lemon wedge. 

Local (4)

Kung Pao Chicken


Boneless thigh cuts sauteed in peanut and dry chilli sprinkled with worcestershire sauce. Topped with local veggies served with a side of steamed jasmine rice. 
Sweet n Sour Chicken


Breast cuts marinated and double fried to perfection. served with Inhouse sauce on a side of steamed rice. 
Cilantro Lamb


Thin cuts of lamb chops broiled in flavored oil topped with ginger, garlic and cilantro sauce. served with a side of steamed rice and crunchy lady finger. 
Mysore Lamb


Tender diced lamb smothered in garam masala, cooked with tomatoes,pepper and onion. served with naan or steamed rice.